Dike improvement Eemshaven – Delfzijl

Between Delfzijl and Eemshaven we improve 12 km of sea dike. The dike protects a large part of the province of Groningen.

We make the dike resistant to climate change and sea level rise, but also land subsidence and earthquakes caused by gas extraction in Groningen. Within the project we carry out a number of innovations to address future challenges:

  • Double dike: combined functions: Water Safety, Aquaculture, Sludge Collection & Nature Conservation
  • Multifunctional dike: dike moved towards the hinterland to create a larger city beach in Delfzijl
  • Enriched value dike: new dike concepts with opportunities for (building with) nature, recreation and sustainability
  • Longterm field measurement of water levels and waves to prevent substantial dyke increases in the future.