There is a good relationship with the UN World Health Organisation concerning (research into) infectious diseases. The Northern Netherlands are active at a global level on issues relating to a changing climate and the associated effects in this area as well.

UMCG and the University of Groningen are carrying out research on the development of innovative products and technologies to protect the population from infections and combat antibiotic resistance.

An international example of this is the Health-i-care project, coordinated by the Medical Microbiology department of UMCG. Approximately thirty consortiums are working on demand-oriented innovations in medical information & training (eHealth), diagnostics & prevention, infection prevention (OneHealth) and medical (e)technology.

Through cross-border and cross-sector network formation and living laboratories, Health-i-care is committed to reinforcing the innovative capacity and the health-economic power of the Northern Netherlands – Northern Germany border region. The project is part of the INTERREG-V-A-programme.